90% Effective

No one can guarantee 100% control of any flying insect, but we try!

Obviously, no one can guarantee 100% control of any flying insect, however, if you have mosquito issues between treatments, please email us at our special email address found on your invoice. This ensures that we will see your request right away, and will be able to respond quickly, with a free between-treatments application.

Free resprays are in addition to, and not instead of, your regularly scheduled treatment. Some properties need an extra treatment now and then to get good control. We will continue to come out on your regularly scheduled application date. Coming back out again on your regularly scheduled treatment date ensures that we will continue to get good control.

We understand that occasionally high winds will blow mosquitoes across our garlic barrier. Sometimes heavy, pouring rains, such as we often get here in the summer, will reduce the effectiveness of our mosquito barrier.

Our guarantee is to give you, our regular customer, peace of mind. We will come out and respray between your regular treatments, if you are having mosquito issues.

Thank you for your business!

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NOTE: The presence of old tires on the property voids our warranty.

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License #026-29603

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