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Why are some homeowners constantly bothered by mosquitoes, and their friend a couple of houses down never seems to have an issue with them? Yes, some people seem more attractive to mosquitoes than others, however, I’d like to share some things that I see on properties that we treat that are sure to cause mosquito problems.

While it may seem common sense to avoid leaving things laying around that contain water if you don’t want mosquitoes in your yard, these photos were taken at actual customer’s homes, and they are all too common.

If your neighbor has these type of things laying around, you might consider asking him to remove them for everyone’s sake.

We took these photos where mosquitoes were actively breeding, while on the job. clogged gutter

Clogged gutters breed mosquitoes. It is difficult for us to get Mosquito Barrier into them. The mosquitoes breed directly above you, then have a very short flight from the gutter down to you sitting on the porch or deck.

mosquito habitat

This is the neighbor’s garbage can, and the lid is filled with mosquito larvae. By law, we cannot empty it or spray it. If your neighbors are breeding mosquitoes, you might consider asking them to tip out their water filled containers, for everyone’s benefit. This breeding site is about 6 feet from our customer’s front porch.

toilet 640x360

Ok, the lid is down, but a good wind like we had with the big thunderstorm that blew through here the other day will put enough water in there for mosquitoes to breed in. Mosquitoes only need a thimbleful of water to reproduce by the hundreds.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

This is my pet peeve. You have no idea how often I see this, and no matter how many times I write on the invoice “Please remove blue tarp from yard, it is breeding mosquitoes, thank you,” blue tarps never seem to go away.

Every little fold and hollow breeds thousands of mosquitoes.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Even one empty can or bottle (nowadays I usually see plastic water bottles under bushes or ivy) will breed hundreds of mosquitoes. You can imagine how many this pile produces.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Old tires are a cliche in the mosquito control business. So much so that you would think that old tires would be the first thing to go if a homeowner has a mosquito problem. Think again.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

This one will never dry out.

You would be shocked at how many old tires we come across, even in upscale subdivisions. We even found a complete old 1940’s junk car in the middle of an upscale subdivision, it might have been there on the original farm, and for some reason the developer left it.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Another old tire. The cookie sheet is just a bonus.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

I realize that I will never convince homeowners to turn over their birdbaths during mosquito season, but it would be great if they would refresh the water every 2 or 3 days. That will keep mosquitoes from breeding in them.

It’s also much better for your songbirds.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Upside-down bins breed mosquitoes. Water collects in the rim, and mosquitoes only need a teaspoon of water to breed in.

I see this a lot. You would think because it’s upside down, it’s not collecting water. It is.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Upside down trash can.

One of the most common breeding sites, especially in subdivisions. The lip around the rim fills up with rainwater, and breeds thousands of mosquitoes in a week. Tip them over once in a while, you’ll be glad you did.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Again, it’s the lip that collects water and breeds mosquitoes. I see lots of these, because most of our customers have kids. I suspect these kids are grown up by now.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Buckets don’t have to be right side up to collect water and breed mosquitoes. This one was full of wrigglers.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Not only is the bucket full of water and prime mosquito habitat, the old lawnmower is breeding mosquitoes.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

Did I mention that I hate blue tarps? Well I hate silver tarps, too.

I don’t even have to check this one for mosquito larvae, I just know it’s full of them.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

I don’t see a lot of upside down shop vacs, however, the point is that anything left lying around, even if upside down, may collect water and breed mosquitoes.

photo of good mosquito breeding habitat

While the bottom of this bin might dry out before producing many mosquitoes, the rim will most probably stay full enough to breed a bunch of them.

The coke bottles can also be a problem if left long enough.

in the early 1900’s, Dr. William Gorgas virtually eliminated Yellow Fever and Malaria in the Panama Canal Zone, largely by removing all sources of mosquito breeding habitat such as water cisterns, flower pot drainage trays, and any small containers that could hold water.

eliminate breeding sites, and you will eliminate the vast majority of your local mosquito population.

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